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8 Cavity Shampoo Flip Top Cap Mould

8 Cavity Shampoo Flip Top Cap Mould

Shampoo flip-top cap mould: First flip top cap mould, it needs to be made by experienced mould maker. Sunco company have made this kinds of molds with more than 10 years. Especially in the corona virus time in 2020, we make more than 50 sets half year and the rich experienced accumulation. Shampoo flip-top cap mould is much complicated than the normal flip-top cap mould. And it is very important for the design of mold especially the 3D drawing of flip-top cap mould. The butterfly knot/hinge design to depend on whether the flip top cap could open or close well. And also many another parts such as the parting line consider about the shrinkage problem. Also the mouth whether top cap could put in the bottom part well. So I can say that for flip top cap mold, cap design is a key factor for the mold success or not. Sunco company helps clients to check their cap parts design for making the real mold possibility or not, especially checking for the cap hinge design, hinge open and close movement steps in mold and cap ejection whether could eject well or not.    
You can see this 16 cavity shampoo cap mould we make before, we make four cavity one plate, and in this way, it is much easy to maintain in future though when we make, it increases much more mold cost. And also processing accuracy is very important because we did not process by one completed plate. We always use the stainless steel if customer don’t want to reduce their mold quality and later we will do the heat treatment to ensure the material hardness. And the mold is always full automatic without stopping. 
For the flip top cap mould and also shampoo flip top cap mould, the material of cap we need to choose the PP material and it has good elasticity. This is very important part when we want to get good flip top cap mould.
Thank you for your kind reading and when you read, and if you have any more good suggestion or want to discuss with me about any cap molds etc, we can discuss and talk by whatsapp: 008613706572756 and email: export@sunmolds.com. Thank you.   

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