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8 Cavity Laundry Detergent Cap Mould

Laundry detergent cap mould: it has many different type with different design.And mostly these kinds of caps are used in HDPE extrusion bottles. So when before we make detergent cap mould, we need to confirm what kind bottle design we will choose. Sometimes it has two parts for the laundry detergent cap that inside one and outer one. And inside cap need to connect with bottle well and outer cap always has the liquid line there. Because the dosage of fabric softener need to be confirmed by liquid line. Sometimes when we design the fabric cleaner bottle together with the detergent cap in order to be own brand design. Also sometimes some customer copy famous brand design. Anyway we can do these demands for you then after the design is confirmed. We will start to draw the mold design to confirm this design cap could be made well or not. Sometimes we will design a special shape and need to discuss and confirm with cap mould maker. Such as the thread design, for laundry cap, we will choose the unscrewing motor type instead of normal one. And for Laundry detergent cap mould, it also can make 4 cavity, 6 cavity, 8 cavity, 12 cavity, 16 cavity etc based on customer’s requirement. Welcome for your kind inquiry.

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