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8 Cavity 5 Gallon Cap Mould

8 Cavity 5 Gallon Cap Mould

The 55mm plastic 5 gallon cap is in hot sales. It has different kinds design on the market and the normal one is one part cap. And some customer want to reduce the cost, the height of cap is cutted to be shorter and even it don’t have the additional height such as the Philippines. Before the 5 gallon cap has the plug and when we put the cap on the 5 gallon bottle, it will be dropped in the water bottle. This design is not so used for customers. Anyway, for the 5 gallon bottle cap mould, it could be designed based on customer’s needs. Now we also developed two shots 5 gallon cap that the main 5 gallon cap+ TPR/TPE liner inside for water leakage proof. 
Last year we just made one mold for domestic customer and if you are interested in it, I can show the cap mold video to you.
The 5 gallon cap mould: it could make different cavity such as 8 cavity, 12 cavity, 16 cavity, 24 cavity etc. And also for the gate system, it could be cold runner with pin gate or hot runner with pig gate and hot runner with valve pin system. Each cavity has its own cooling system, so the product can be more accurately shaped. This feature significantly reduces cycle time.
Here I want to introduce the hot runner with valve pin system for 5 gallon cap mould. When we use this design, the recycled raw material could be adopted. So when you want to open new mold, you can consider this part. 

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