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8 Cavity Pesticide Bottle Cap Mould

Pesticide bottle cap mould: It is right that the application of plastic bottle cap is very extensive. Because all different kinds of bottles, we need the plastic bottle cap to seal it. And this chapter, let us talk about the pesticide bottle cap mould. Because inside will put the pesticide, the leakage problem is very important. So it always has the liners inside of cap and sometimes it will have aluminum foil liner and foam liner together. So for the top of cap, we will make with sharp design. And for these kinds of cap, though the design is simple but always we will make with unscrewing motor type. In this way, the threads could be dept enough without the trouble of slippage. And the weight design for this cap is also heavy and in this way, the producing speed will be reduced.
We need to design the water cooling system to be all cold for core parts to try to speed up the injection speed without shrinkage. For the cap mould cavity, I think we can make 8cavity or 16cavity or 24cavity etc. The pesticide bottle cap mould life, we ensure to be 2 million shots without any problem and for mold life, we maintain for client all life and provide spare parts anytime when you need it. Welcome for your kind inquiry.

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