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30mm Water Cap Mould

30mm Water Cap Mould

Water cap mould is most popular cap mould and it is a injection mould.

Water Cap neck size have 28mm, 30mm, 38mm, 48mm,55mm. For lower capacity needs, you can choose injection mould for making water cap, cap mould size can be designed as per your injection moulding machine model, and cap mould production speed also have common speed and fast speed, with high speed injection moulding machine, 30mm water cap can be around 6sec per shot.

Water cap have different structure of tamper evidence band, it have straight band, and also have folded band, it will requires cap slitting machine and cap folding machine.

30mm Water cap is only one design, that band is straight, 30mm cap have two type, 30/25 standard type and 29/25 short neck type.

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