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1L Oil Bottle Mould

1L Oil Bottle Mould

The HDPE bottle mold is used in extrusion blow molding machine, the plasticization system controlled by frequency conversion ensures the thorough and uniform quality of the plastic, the whole production process is controlled by proportional hydraulic pressure, and the patented lined extrusion head ensures straight lines and sharp edges.
It can be used as a combined or side gate. The bottle mold material can be made of aluminum or 45# ,50# or 718... according to customer needs. The oil container is made of plastic and hollow. The bottle body is smooth and has a handle design. Spiral mouth design, thicker bottle body and bottle bottom, and blow-molded products are drop-proof and leak-proof. Product capacity and whether to add scale lines will be processed according to customer requirements. The bottle mold has the characteristics of two cavities, and the production efficiency is high.

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