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What to do when troubleshooting the automatic bottle blowing machine


1. Ask more experts on automatic blow molding machine
   If you can have training opportunities or blow molding machine experts come to your factory to install and adjust the blow molding machine, you have the best chance to participate. This is a very good learning opportunity, because you can get a lot of di first-hand materials and the methods and skills of bottle blowing machine debugging, if you don't understand it, you must figure it out. After this period of time, there will be a great harvest and a lot of internal materials and manuals (which are confidential to users) can be obtained. After the blow molding machine is put into formal production, you should always keep close contact with the relevant experts of the blow molding machine. After FAX and E-MALL, we can obtain further treatment methods and related materials for the difficult and shortcomings of the blow molding machine. Special and dedicated spare parts can also be obtained. This is very beneficial. At the same time, it should also be used by the controller's agent manufacturer. Adhere to a good relationship and ask more questions, you can also get the further materials and related spare parts of the controller in time, and you can also have the opportunity to participate in the special learning class about the controller.

2. After discovering the shortcomings, you should ask the operator of the blow molding machine about the whole process of the shortcomings. Don't leave it alone, or just ask at will. This often leads to wrong judgments and complicates the problem if the correct site materials are not obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to ask more, to be more specific, to understand the whole process (start, center, and end) of the shortcomings of the blow molding machine, what alarm numbers have been generated, what components have been operated at the time, what has been touched, what has been corrected, and the external environment What's the situation? On the basis of fully inquiring the site and grasping the first-hand materials of di, we should correctly list the shortcomings and problems. In fact, half of the problems have been dealt with, and then analyze and deal with them. Regarding the experienced and skilled blow molding machine operators, they are right Understanding the operation of the bottle blowing machine, understanding of the processing procedures, and a good understanding of the common diseases of the bottle blowing machine, it is very beneficial to quickly eliminate the shortcomings with them.

  3. Ask other repairers
   When other repairers are repairing the blow molding machine and you did not go, you should also ask more questions after they come back. What shortcomings happened? How did he rule it out? Please tell him how to eliminate it. This is also a better learning opportunity. Learn the correct skills and methods of removing shortcomings from others, especially from experienced old repairers, and learn their skills to improve their common sense and level. First production of automatic blow molding machine


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