The benefits of regular maintenance of the hollow blow molding machine equipment

Update:09 Apr 2021

The benefits of regular maintenance of the hollow blow molding machine equipment

Under normal conditions, the regular protection and maintenance of the hollow blow molding machine equipment is once a year, and the time is often arranged a few days before the holiday or during the holiday. The equipment management personnel participate in the guidance operation, and the equipment repairer and the operator cooperate in the operation. The main content of the equipment maintenance work is as follows.

Clean and wipe the oil stains on various parts of the hollow blow molding machine and the dust in the electric control box; disassemble the reduction box and bearing gland, check the quality of the lubricating oil and the amount of metal powder in the oil, clean and change the oil if necessary; check various transmissions The wear condition of the parts and gears with severe wear should be surveyed and mapped, and be replaced in the next repair.

Check the wear condition of the belt in the V-belt drive, and adjust the elasticity of the V-belt equipment. The severely worn V-belt should be replaced; check the wear condition of the barrel and screw, regarding mild scratches and worn rough surfaces, Use oilstone or fine emery cloth to smooth and lubricate, record the actual measurement scale of the barrel and screw working surface; record the V-belt type standard and bearing type standard with severe wear, and put forward the damaged parts order plan after the protection and maintenance work. Replace it during protection and maintenance.

Check and correct the difference between the heating temperature of the barrel (measured by a mercury thermometer) and the temperature displayed on the surface to ensure the correct operation of the extrusion process temperature; adjust and test the safety reporting equipment to verify the reliability and accuracy of its operation; experiment, Check whether the various pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are smooth.

Repair leaks and blocked parts, check and adjust the positions of electric heating equipment, cooling fans and safety covers; ensure that they can work effectively and normally.