Normal maintenance and common faults of automatic bottle blowing machine

Update:22 Oct 2020

  The daily maintenance method of the bottle blowing machine
   1. Able to slide the guide rod and change the butter once every two days.
   2. Mould filler nozzle, once a week.
   3. Heating track, blowing bottle track, dripping liquid lubricant depending on the situation.
   4. Clean the mold with a clean cloth dipped in alcohol once a week. Usually observe whether the bottle body has any pitting of particles, and then go to the corresponding position of the mold to remove the mold adhesion.
   5. Always pay attention to the body of the blow molding machine, the interior is clean and tidy, and the stolen goods should be removed in time.
   6. ​​Pay more attention to the screws of the moving parts and the orientation of the electronic sensors, and tighten or correct them if they are loose or shifted.
   7. Shut down the machine for a long time to close the intake valve of the machine. Such as repairing equipment at the rear, eating meals, etc. The production line is shut down for a long time and the main power supply of the machine must be closed. The company mainly produces automatic blow molding machine. Common problems in the blowing process of the blow molding machine

   1. Light box waterway high temperature alarm.
   Treatment method: Disassemble the rubber tube connected to the water channel, and clean the water channel with low pressure air and alcohol.

   2. Gripper problems
   Treatment method: adjust the height of the sliding table or the orientation of the gripper.

   3. The action is stuck.
   Treatment method: restart the machine.

   4. Cannot manually originate
   Processing method: Check whether the shifting of one gripper, the shifting of two grippers and the variable pitch positioning plate are stuck in the corresponding position, if not, manually make them stuck to the corresponding position, and then the origin.

   5. The action is not in place
   How to deal with: Check if something gets stuck. Regulating gas flow valve

         6. Exhaust noise is too loud
   Treatment method: Check whether the high pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or dropped.

         7. The embryonic hypoform is uneven
   Treatment method: Adjust the position of the embryo bucket. The company mainly produces automatic bottle blowing machines