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Production process and characteristics of automatic bottle blowing machine

The automatic bottle blowing machine is a two-step downward blowing type automatic bottle blowing equipment, from one out of one to one out of six cavities, the maximum can blow 0.6 liters, 2 liters, suitable for blowing PET, PP Any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-caliber bottles, high-temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers made of crystalline plastics as raw materials.

   Features of automatic blow molding machine:
The use of advanced microcomputer control system, stable performance; automatic delivery of the billet by the conveyor; the use of infrared lamps for heating, strong penetrating power, heating by the rotation of the preform, trajectory revolution, uniform heating, fast and reliable; lamps and reflections in the heating zone The width and height of the plate can be adjusted to suit the heating of preforms of different structures, and there is an automatic exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying tunnel; each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device, when a certain process fails When the time, the program will automatically switch to a safe state; each action is driven by an oil pump, which has the advantages of no pollution and low noise; the air circuit design divides the action and blowing into three parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for blowing and actions; Choose high pressure and double crank arm connecting rod to lock the mold, and the clamping force is strong; the operation method is manual and fully automatic; the safe and reliable common valve position design makes the gas path clear at a glance;

  The production process is fully automated, which has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple repair, and safety. The bottle body is protected from pollution and the cooling system reaches the ideal cooling device, and the bottle waste rate is less than 0.2%.

   Bottle blowing machine: It is a machine that blows bottles. The rough explanation is a machine that can blow plastic particles (softened into liquid) or finished preforms into bottles through a certain process.

   Plastic hollow containers are widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industries due to their light weight, low price, and high safety. They have attracted more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of glass containers. Nowadays, advanced equipment, molds, and raw materials in the plastics industry are presented to us one by one, new skills and new applications are emerging one after another, and the scope of plastic hollow molding is also fruitful. With the soaring world oil prices, the price of plastic raw materials is also high, and the development of alternative products with low energy consumption and low raw materials is also one of the market trends. The oil-free airbag clamping technology is selected, the clamping force is large, and the toggle operation has less force and long life.

   There are three main types of blow molding machines: extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine. The processing technology is mainly divided into one-step method and two-step method. The one-step and two-step blow molding machine molding processes are mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding. Both have their own characteristics and are widely used. In comparison, the two-step method is more suitable for centralized production of preforms and dispersed blown bottles; while the one-step method is more suitable for online production of beverage companies.

Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers through a blow molding process. At present, the more common models include one-time hollow extrusion blowers that use PP and PE, and use PET, PC or PP for two-time molding. The injection stretch blow molding machine, as well as the newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding.


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