How to use the blow molding machine reasonably

Update:17 Jun 2021

The operating life of the blow molding machine equipment, the production efficiency and the product quality are all related to the production quality of the equipment and the selection of the standard model of the equipment. However, how to allow operators to use equipment reasonably and how to pay attention to equipment protection and maintenance is also directly related to extending the service life of the blow molding machine and the normal production efficiency of the blow molding machine. To use the blow molding machine correctly and reasonably, you should pay attention to the following points.

The corresponding supporting equipment on the production line of the blow molding machine and the production capacity of each machine must be matched, so that each equipment can fully play its role, so that the equipment on the production line can work in coordination. The oversupply or lack of supply between the upper and lower processes, and the stopping of waiting, all belong to the unmatched selection of equipment and the unreasonable standard selection.

The standard model of blow molding machine should be selected according to the standard requirement of the product. Using large standard blow molding machines to produce smaller standard products requires increased power consumption, accelerated blow molding machine wear, and increased product production costs. This is a wasteful production plan that does not require economic accounting.

To ensure that the blow molding machine can operate in the best condition for a long time, it should be equipped with corresponding skilled technical operators. Operators are required not only to have proficient operating skills, but also to understand the structure and function of the equipment and the standards and production capacity of the processed products; together, they should also know how to protect and maintain the equipment. Regarding the use of new workers, it is necessary to pass technical training so that they can memorize the equipment operating procedures; conduct practical operation training, and after passing the examination, they can be employed to operate independently.

The blow molding machine must have a better working environment. The equipment in the production workshop must be protected from moisture, corrosion, pressure and sand.