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How to solve the eccentricity of Pet preform

Among the pet preform testing standards, polyester resin is easy to use. For example, it is true that the packaging of food is as mentioned above. Now it is odorless and has a qualified quality. At the entrance of the food circle, edible treasures, and ordinary consumers, pay attention to its level. The food has been kept in the air for too long, and finally transformed into a larger size. Seeing the standard quality of the pet preform detection package on the package, It will cause precautions. Now PET can resist ultraviolet rays, and has the ability to resist water, oil, and air. Compared with, for example, it has low permeability to gas and water vapor.

And its scientific uses such as unchanged, complete oil resistance, corrosion resistance technology, folding resistance technology is also relatively harmless, high temperature resistance technology such as function, because these are buried in the standard of food conservation in other circles, PET is both Remember to use it as food packaging, and as the standard for pet preform testing. This batch of sound insulation is like food is integrated into one, and it is complete with high temperature resistance, UV resistance, and air separation to achieve environmental protection. , so that he is not only a key link in the establishment of his career. Now this is the nature, we will be assured of the pet preform inspection standard in most cases, there is no adverse reaction to our body, and there is no need to have high temperature and continuous loss of goods.

That is to say, the lightweight packaging can also win the very good performance of most enterprises. The reason is not only the facilities, but the current lightweight packaging will enable enterprises to seize less packaging treasures and spend on environmental protection and high quality. Therefore, with the increase in the price of goods in the past and the present, the lightweight packaging has become more and more attractive to enterprises.

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