How to check the dry running of the blow molding machine

Update:10 Jun 2021

How to check the dry running of the blow molding machine

The barrel of the blow molding machine is not heated to increase the temperature, and the test run is checked. The control box circuit is closed for power supply. Start the smooth oil pump, smooth the gear box for 3 minutes, and add smooth oil to the smooth parts. Check the hopper, there should be no foreign matter inside, and then move the V-belt again, it should turn smoothly without blocking.

Start the screw drive motor at low speed. Investigate whether the pointer swing of the voltmeter and ammeter is normal. Whether the nuclear cold screw is rotating in the correct direction. Check and test the pressing parking button on the equipment, it should be able to work accurately and reliably. Check whether the smooth oil operation pipeline is unobstructed, whether the fuel injection position is correct, and whether there is any oil leakage in each part. Exit the screw and check the maximum and minimum speed (r/min) of the screw drive shaft, which should be in common with the manual.

The heating and temperature rise of each section of the barrel is empty operation test run view. Each section of the barrel is heated and heated, and the temperature control appearance is adjusted according to the process temperature requirements. Detect the temperature of each section of the barrel with a mercury thermometer, verify and adjust the appearance temperature and the temperature detected by the mercury thermometer. Check whether there is a heating circuit break alarm in the heating device and whether it can work correctly.

Start the drive screw motor at low speed to investigate whether the voltage and current meter swing is abnormal; to see if the screw rotation is stable, and to listen to whether the operation sound of the transmission parts is abnormal. Everything is normal and park immediately. Note: The screw empty operation time should not exceed 3min.