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Bottle Cap Mold Development And Manufacturing

Plastic bottle cap mold development and manufacturing. Plastic bottle cap mold development is characterized by high-speed, rotary plastic extrusion molding machine, make sure every plastic cap mold unit has separate running unit, that increases the flexibility of molded production, lower the mold development cost, extend the service life of the plastic caps. Most plastic caps have polystyrene beads inside them, that are removed by a simple process during molding, to create the cap. The process starts by removing the polystyrene beads from the cap material using heat. This is then passed through a die making process that melts the plastic material and shapes the melted plastic into the cap material.

Plastic Bottle Cap Mold Development and manufacturing in China. China is a leading country in the manufacture of polystyrene products. There are two main manufacturing companies for caps made in China. One is Sanyo-Sensi Corporation, and the other is Hi-tech Plastic Products Corporation. Both of these companies specialize in making caps for different products, such as bottle caps and other parts for vehicles, electronics, and other products. In China, there is a large industry that specializes in caps for hot parts like hot beverage cans.

Plastic Bottle Cap Mold Development and manufacturing Plastic bottles with caps in China have cavities that are present in both the bottom and the lid. The bottom cavity flip top cap mold opening operation is made by Hi-tech Plastic Products Corporation. The main purpose of the lid flip top mold opening operation is to present a complete container with the cap and with a hole in the base of the cap.

Another exemplary embodiment of the present invention is a demold container with push button latch and push button release. This is used for plastic bottle caps. The embodiment shows a push button latch assembly having to push buttons at the top of the container. On the other hand, the fig shows a pull tab assembly that has a handle so that it can be pulled away from the base when the cap is not being worn.

Bottle Cap Mold Development cycles and manufacturing cycles After the cap mold is ready to be manufactured, it needs to pass through several manufacturing cycles. Each cycle of the manufacturing process creates a new design of the cap. The bottles are manufactured using a variety of cycles:

Container With Cap and Lid Cycle Plastic bottle caps are first placed on a plastic bottle shell plate. A hole is first drilled in the top of the shell plate and the plastic bottle cap mold is inserted. A heavy duty plate called the plate rollers is used to apply the proper compression forces across the entire inside of the plastic bottle. After the plastic shell plate is cool, a push button latch assembly is attached on the cap. A push button latch assembly called a cap close-fitting assembly is then used to seal the cap and close the assembly.

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