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Blow molding machine factory takes you to understand PET blow molding machine


  Pet blow molding machine is a blow molding machine equipment for blowing preforms made of pet (full name: polyethylene terephthalate) material, mainly used for carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil Bottles, space cups, medicine bottles and other hollow plastic containers are blown bottle manufacturing. The bigger feature of PET bottle blowing machine is to separate the drying tunnel from the bottle blowing, which speeds up the bottle blowing speed and increases the output value. The bottle blowing machine is a machine that can blow the finished preform into a bottle through a certain process.

The PET multi-function plastic blow molding machine is divided into two control systems. Customers can freely choose according to their requirements. They can control the technical parameters more accurately. The operation of this machine is simple and safe. It also uses different directions for double emergency stop control and different directions for single point. The operation of the activation button and the double-point activation button make the operator convenient at work. The machine only needs one person to operate, no special training is required. The machine has special high and low pressure air storage equipment, and the user can supply a single air source. Air or dual air sources can be used for air supply. The clamping device adopts double crank clamping, which has the advantages of large clamping force. The machine installation is very simple, and the operator is easy to operate and maintain.

The infrared multifunctional plastic preform heater is powered by a three-phase four-wire 380V power supply (220V power supply can also be used). The machine is divided into seven heating tubes and divided into four heating zones. The electrical box is equipped with electric heating control elements, The heating time generally takes about 5-8 minutes. The temperature is conveyed by the electric thermocouple to the temperature controller for active temperature control, so that the temperature in the heating box is controlled steadily, and the infrared penetrating power is strong. The heating is uniform. Fast and reliable to ensure that the preform is ideal The heating effect of the preform is put into production after a cycle of heating. The detailed temperature is adjusted according to the bottle forming needs.

The PET bottle blowing machine passes through the preform-transfer-heating-closing-stretching-blowing to produce bottles. The whole process seems very simple, but it is relatively difficult to actually produce qualified bottles. The next step is to blow the bottle. The machine factory will show you the detailed working principles of PET:

  1, automatic loading hoist
The preforms are manually poured into the loading bin. The automatic feeding hoist passes through the induction monitoring system to detect whether there is a preform in the feeding track of the hoist, and then starts automatic feeding. During the feeding process, the detection and transmission process is restarted. In the process, the preforms on the entire transmission track are now full, and the excess preforms are automatically returned to the hopper to ensure that the preform installation sequence advances.

  2, the gripping automatically flips the billet
   The gripper is inspected and it is found that the preform is automatically taken by the preform by the automatic claw, and the preform is turned over to the transmission chain

  3, transmission system
The    transfer system is mainly to transfer the preform from the upper blank to the mold clamping. The transmission system is the hub belt that connects each link in series. The blow molding machine adopts the patented double-point dual-drive technology to optimize the blow molding machine transmission system to ensure the chain transmission and increase the service life of the chain.

  4, heating control system
  The heating control system determines the quality problem of the bottle blowing machine factory. If the temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, the bottle will appear out of shape and the bottle will turn white. The temperature of the traditional heating system is controlled at 40 degrees Celsius, which is greatly affected by the external temperature. The blowing machine uses a 120 degrees Celsius constant temperature heating control system, which is small by the external temperature. The temperature of each infrared lamp can be independently controlled. Two rows of lamps are used together. Heating, adjustable distance, rotating preform heating control system to ensure that each part of the preform is evenly heated.

  5, mold clamping and blowing system
   The conveying chain transfers the heated preform to the clamping device, and the stretching cylinder stretches the preform. After pre-blowing and high-pressure blowing, the preform is blown into a bottle.


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