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An Innovative Process of Producing Plastic Die Cuts

Cap Mold, An Innovative Process of Producing Plastic Die Cuts

Cap Molding is a new concept in industrial designing and molding, which has the potential of changing the way of manufacturing goods. The advantages of using them are many. These include: increased productivity due to better control over the molding process, faster tool changeovers, reduced cost of product based inventory, flexibility for customized solutions and ease of maintenance. The following are some Cap Molds examples:

The use of plastic cap molds in the production of plastic or rubber dice has revolutionized the method of production of dice. Previously, the production of dice required manual labor and unproductive work hours. This meant delays in product delivery. Now, with automated roll forming equipment, production can be expedited, product quality improved and customer satisfaction attained. Apart from reducing labor costs, using cap molds for producing dice products also reduces product preparation time.

Cap Molded Silicone die cutting machine parts and other PVC pipe accessories help you cut your PVC pipe seams for seamless seam design and to make seamless joints. It is important that all seams are properly sewn otherwise the fit will be bad and leakage will occur. To produce a smooth joint and reduce friction when moving the die, silicone gasket is used in place of a conventional die. Cap Mold saves time and efforts when one wants to produce complex die-cuts or decorative pipe joinments and textured components.

Cap Molds are used extensively for production of inside threads for caps and pipes; for this purpose two cap moulds are available - the inner molding of PVC pipe and outer molding of stainless steel pipe. Cap Mold produces hollow, seamless tubes and pipes for internal use. These hollow tubes can be used in various industries like automotive, electronics, food service, chemical industry, household items and so on. For the purpose of manufacturing inner threads, cap molding machine is employed - internally produced thread caps are very reliable and durable.

Cap Mold produces different shaped plastic dice - football, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey etc. These molded dice are used widely in industrial production and for making tubes and pipes for household and commercial purposes alike. These plastic die cuts can also be used to cut other materials like wood, metal and ceramics for crafting beautiful products. These molds are durable and can withstand high heat; hence they are used for mass production of figurines, dolls, toys etc. With the help of cap mold, one can shape objects from wooden blocks, clay, plastic and other materials.

The plastic die cuts of different shapes can be made by the usage of these molds; one can also pattern them to get circular, square or triangular shape. Flat pieces of round plastic are used to form the base of the sphere. For getting a specific look, various textures, colors and patterns can be used. The final product, the sphere or the figure is made out of high quality silicone material. Cap Mold is responsible for producing amazing products at affordable prices.

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