Several major principles of injection mold factory analysis mold design

Update:31 Dec 2020


Do you know the top 10 criteria for mold design classification? The injection mold factory will give you a comprehensive introduction to what these ten principles refer to.

  1. Consideration of clamping force
The lateral clamping force of the mold is relatively small, so for large products with a larger projected area, the direction of the larger projected area should be placed in the front and rear mold opening and closing directions, and the smaller side projected area should be used as the side To type.

  2. Meet product demolding requirements
  The parting surface is for the product to be removed from the mold smoothly. Therefore, the position of the parting surface should be selected at the largest part of the product section size, which is a basic criterion.

  3. The shape of the parting surface
   For general products, a parting surface that is straight with the direction of the injection molding machine's mold opening movement is often used. In special cases, other shapes of parting surfaces are used. The shape of the parting surface is based on the convenience of processing and demolding. Like a tortuous product, it must be based on its tortuous curvature when parting.

  4. Guarantee product appearance and quality
  Do not choose the parting surface that is lubricated on the surface of the product. Generally speaking, the appearance surface is not allowed to have lines and other lines that affect the appearance; some products that require concentricity must all be placed on the same side to ensure their concentricity.

   5. Confirmation of direction
   When determining the position of the product inside the mold, the selection of the parting surface should try to prevent the product from forming side holes or side buckles, and should prevent the use of complex mold structures.

   6. It is good for demoulding  

          The demolding structure of the general mold is in the movable mold, so when selecting the parting surface, the product should remain in the movable mold as much as possible after the mold is opened. Therefore, for some areas that may stick to the fixed mold, we often add a fixed mold to assist the demolding organization.

  7. Consider the lateral mold opening interval
  The general lateral mechanical mold opening interval is relatively small. Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, the long direction of the core pulling distance should be selected in the direction of opening and closing of the front and rear molds, and the short direction should be regarded as the lateral parting.

   8. Mould parts are easy to process
  When selecting the parting surface, the mold should be divided into easy-to-process parts to reduce the difficulty of machining.

   9. Good for exhaust
   When the parting surface is used as the primary exhaust, the parting surface should be designed at the end of the plastic movement to facilitate the exhaust.

  10. R type
   Regarding the mold design parting many products, the parting surface has a full circle of R angles. At this time, the parting must take into account the Rzui good parting, and no sharp side can appear.