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HDPE blow mould

Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Model:Plastic mould and machinery
Delivery method:By air, By sea, By express.
Minimum order quantity:1PC/SET
Packing details:Standard export packing way
Delivery time:30-60days
Payment method:TT,LC,Paypal,Westen Union
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  • Model Unit TL-5LD
    Max Volume L 5
    Max Diameter Two cavity mm 160
    Max Diameter Three cavity mm 110
    Max Diameter Four cavity mm 85
    Clamping Force KN 100
    Opening stroke mm 145-505
    Die Plate Size mm 320×380
    Screw Diameter mm 70-80
    Screw L/D Ratio L/D 25:01:00
    Extruding Capacity Kg/hr 100-120
    Power Of Die Heating KW 4.5-11
    Power Of Screw KW 6月8日
    Extrusion Motor Power kw 20-30
    Oil pump Motor Power KW 11
    Air Pressure Mpa 0.6
    Air Capacity m³/min 1-1.5
    Installed Power KW 34-45
    Actual Power KW 28-36
    Machine Size m 3.8×2.2×2.58
    Machine Weight ton 6